Jan 5- Just Peachy

Meditation: Headspace, Basics #5
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Powerful

I didn’t continue with my intention of meditating early today. My morning got busy (I’m assistant directing a new play and had auditions today) and I had some to-do’s to check off, but then I meant to take a break, eat something, check on the Georgia runoffs, and get back to it.

I really did!

The problem was, I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off the election. So much was at stake today, so many chances to make history. The drama was crazy! One up, then the other! He’s leading, she is!

At first the vote counts were pouring in, so quickly! So exciting! Then… they slowed… way, way down. And I. Got. Stressed.

So, I left the TV on and cleaned, checking in from time to time. Still slow, still stressful.

I muted the TV and made myself stop watching to do today’s Breath yoga video (Yoga With Adriene is life). And guess what?? When I came back into the room, Georgia was more blue! Convinced I was “luckier” if I left the room and did some deep breathing, I muted the TV again and redid yesterday’s video, just to bust some more stress, you know.

Not because I actually believed every time I left the room and sent out good vibes the needle moved on the election. Nothing as superstitious as all that. Ha. That would be crazy.

But, to my great joy, when I came back it was all even bluer than before! They called the race for Warnock! What magical powers were these??

Getting physically tired but determined to keep up my vibes, I realized now would be a perfect time to meditate. Mute went the TV, and back into the other room went I. I plopped down on my cushion, took deep breaths, noticed the sounds around me, counted in and out, in and out…..

I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

I did it. I mean, they haven’t called it yet, but I think I did it, guys. My newly increased mental mind power from five straight days of meditating changed the outcome of the Senate race and the direction of our entire country. Wow. Amazing.

Listen. Am I 100% convinced that’s true? Of course not. 98%, tops. But- things I know are true:

  1. I showed up five days in a row to meditate and write about it!
  2. I learned my lesson about moving my body before sitting down to meditate and it paid off! I wasn’t nearly so uncomfortable today.
  3. Even though I likely (maybe) don’t actually have new powers of mind control, I am feeling generally calmer, more organized, and more focused. I’m loving it!

Moral of the story? 10/10 recommend daily meditations so far. Also, don’t try to steal credit that rightfully goes to Stacey Abrams. She’s a badass. And, lastly, probably don’t get smug about an election before it’s even called yet. That is tempting fate. Silly.

Now I’m off to dream about the Bill from Schoolhouse Rock, if you please. Happy Runoff Day!