Jan 9- Calm & Sleepy

Meditation: Calm, Sleep Meditation: Drifting Off with Gratitude 
Length: 49 minutes (I fell asleep at some point) 
Where: In my bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Very...calming

Yesterday was one of those days where you just can’t seem to get everything done that needs done. So, my meditation got pushed to the very end of the day. And I do mean the very end. When I came home late from a busy evening, I was so tired I barely had the energy to get ready for bed, let alone meditate.

But– I stuck with it! I decided to push through and do that day’s Yoga With Adriene video (luckily a restorative practice) and to try a sleep meditation for the first time in a while.

It may sound funny that I would need a sleep meditation when I admit I was exhausted, but I’ve been struggling with sleep since the pandemic started, so I was actually pretty excited to try it. I’m a big fan of getting plenty of good sleep. This past year has been so frustrating. The lack of routine and copious amounts of stress that 2020 brought have wreaked total havoc on my sleep cycles, and it has been completely miserable.

It’s been getting better bit by bit lately, and I thought introducing meditation to my nighttime routine may speed up my results. Thankfully, I was right!

To change things up, I decided to download Calm, a meditation app I’ve heard about but never tried. I have to say, it’s an incredibly beautiful app. Usually when we are looking at our phone screens we feel anything but calm, but the sounds, images, and interface of this app are really pleasing. Right away I knew I made the right choice!

I got ready for bed, finished yoga, and snuggled up under the covers. Then I selected a long sleep meditation (like Headspace, they have an entire tab dedicated to relaxing your way to sleep) called “Drifting Off with Gratitude.” I figured if it didn’t work for sleep, at least I would spend some time feeling grateful. Kind of a “no lose”, right?

The first five minutes were tricky. I was cold. My back itched. I forgot to turn set the temperature correctly and had to call out to Alexa (ahhhh technology- remember the days when we had to actually get up and do everything? I’m all about the smart house!) Then, right when I started to settle in, of course Tigre entered the scene. He did his little move that means, “Mom, lift up the blanket here so I can crawl under.” So I did (so much for relaxing all my muscles as the voice was directing me to do!) Then he wanted the other side….

Finally, we were ready.

At first, I really didn’t think it would work. Probably the first twenty minutes I felt wide awake, but I just kept listening to the voice. I love any time I am practicing intentional gratitude, it’s so beautiful. As prompted, I felt thankful for my home, my warm bed, the food I have to eat, a hot shower, the people in my life, and onward, and then….

I woke up, and it was morning. I don’t know exactly when I fell asleep, but it was somewhere around the time I thought, “well, I guess this isn’t really going to work.”

So, in conclusion… it works.

I’m so excited to have another tool in my belt that will help me sleep peacefully and naturally. I despise taking medication or anything else to help me fall asleep. (Although I think sleep is incredibly important and would never judge anyone for doing what they have to do to get it! As mentioned in my first post, I had to ask for Ambien this year and was so grateful for the help.)

I don’t know if I woke up feeling more grateful than usual, but I definitely felt rested and peaceful. I’m looking forward to exploring more of this app! I’ve heard great things about their Sleep Stories.

It’s fun finding all the ways I can fit more meditation into my life! So far, I’ve found plenty of benefits and zero negatives. Now just 356 more to go!

From the app’s homepage. Gorgeous! And it was playing soothing water sounds….ahhhh…..