Jan 12- Put the Baby to Sleep

Meditation: Calm, How to Meditate: Homebase
Length: 9 minutes
Where: Couch in my Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Relaxing
Who Joined Me: Tigre

I believe I’m starting to get to the point where I really notice how cluttered my mind feels when I haven’t meditated yet that day. I’m also starting to understand why many people meditate twice a day! (I used to not understand how they managed to even fit it in once!) Another busy day, another full, slightly anxious brain. Today’s session helped a lot.

Nine minutes- that’s all it took!

Oh, god. I’m going to become one of those total poster children for meditating, aren’t I? I’m already obnoxious about yoga. Could I be more LA? (Spoken like Chandler, please.)

It was a nice change to do one session sitting comfortably on the couch. One thing I forgot about meditating- you really feel it in your back! There are certain muscles you just don’t use for much else in life, and meditation muscles are some of them. Unless you’re super into the gym or whatever. Which I am decidedly not.

Another thing that will be cool to watch over this year- how strong will my mid to lower back be? Oooo, exciting!

Tigre meditated with me today. Maybe he had a stressful day at the office. Either way, I know he enjoyed it. Want photo proof?

Tigre acting quite intensely before meditating
After- look at this baby. He can barely keep his eyes open!

Ok, I can’t prove that all the talk of finding your Homebase in your breath or a sound or a feeling and choosing what to focus on really relaxed him into such a state…. but you can’t prove it didn’t, either, can you?

Here’s what I can prove- nine short minutes later, I felt chill AF. I’m becoming totally addicted to this stuff, and that is 100 percent fine by me!