Jan 16- Law of Attraction

Meditation: Calm, Deep Sleep Relax
Length: 20 minutes
Where: In my bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Like a sleeping pill

I’m starting to get really obsessed with meditating myself to sleep. The only- and I do mean only– drawback is that I love having a little mental space before I drift off. I usually spend that time dreaming big, thinking about all the amazing things to come, or feeling grateful for what already has. I like to do visualizations, sometimes replaying events that went one way and reimagining them going better, a trick I learned from The Secret.

So, while I likely won’t trade in that “me time” every single night for a meditation session, I can already tell I’m going to be listening to those soothing voices guiding me to just….relaaax…. a lot more often.

As I wrote above, the only feeling I can really compare it to is that heavy, lovely blanket of sleep that comes over you when you take a sleeping pill or melatonin. It’s so wonderful, particularly when you’ve been fighting for good sleep for the past nine months or so. If I’m honest, I keep waiting for the time it won’t work at all, which has happened in the past, but so far, it’s worked all three times I’ve tried it this year. And worked well.

As I’ve also mentioned previously, it seems to neutralize my restless legs completely! I’m not getting my hopes up that it’s a quick fix 100% of the time- I’ve dealt with RLS long enough to know that when it gets really bad, nothing but a prescription will do the trick….

But perhaps that’s a bit jaded of me? Maybe this mind over matter stuff really does work?

All of this “think your way into physical effects” has me thinking about the Law of Attraction. I’m a big believer in that stuff, and I have countless crazy examples of seemingly unexplainable things that have happened for me when I’m intentionally “Secret-ing,” as I call it. (I’m also a huge quantum physics nerd- I geek out on all that stuff.) I’ve been in survival mode for so long, I’ve sort of stopped doing these things intentionally. My dream board hasn’t been updated in months, and I haven’t really been visualizing the way I usually do.

So, with renewed faith in the power of the mind due to the meditation benefits I’ve been experiencing, I have decided to dive in to an awesome 21 Day “Creating Abundance” meditation challenge that my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I’ve never once managed to finish it! I would love to combine my new dedication to meditating with my desire to mindfully manifest some great things in our lives. And, of course, I want to track all that comes of it here on the blog!

I think it will be so fun to spend a few weeks really watching what happens when I’m present, focused on abundance, and believing fully in the powers within. This might get too “LA” for some readers, but, without really having any answers about the universe, I do believe there is some type of universal energy source we can all connect to when we go within and clear our pathways. Perhaps some people feel a religion sums this concept up for them, but for me it’s more of an energy thing, more science based and less “organized.”

So, most of the next few weeks will be dedicated to this experiment! I hope to finish the 21 (technically 22 day) meditation (with perhaps a few breaks if an interesting meditation opportunity presents itself, or for a sleep meditation when needed), update my dream board, rewatch The Secret for a little inspiration, and possibly even reread The Power. That was the book that really brought all these concepts home for me, as it’s really about love over fear.

That’s really the thing that always brings me back to the Law of Attraction. Even if it doesn’t “work,” all I’m really doing is dreaming big, feeling grateful, and choosing LOVE as much as possible. What could be bad about that?

So, time to take this little experiment to a new level! Excited to have you all on this journey with me! Thanks so much to everyone reading and keeping me honest!

Can’t recommend enough!