Jan 17- Abundance

Meditation: Chopra, Creating Abundance: The Reality of Abundance
Length: 15 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Inspiring!
Who Joined Me: Steve

Day 1 Centering Thought: “Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”

I honestly can’t contain my excitement about this meditation program, you guys!!

Even though, as I wrote in my previous post, I am 100% a believer in the Law of Attraction and all that foo foo stuff, I’m still blown away every single time at how incredibly it works. Now, I know some people might be cynical, and let me say that is completely your right. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, but I am excited to share my experience dealing with the LOA now and in the past.

Every time I start getting really intentional about manifestation, things happen quickly and nearly exactly. Some examples? Maybe a list is easier:

  • My husband and I bought a new house recently (one that I knew was our house the moment I clicked on the listing, even though it took us three more months to actually buy it). We were standing in front of it after we moved in, and suddenly Steve realized: it was the exact house we had on our dream board!
  • Once, when I found a posting for a volunteer trip to Ecuador, I got incredibly excited and told Steve I was submitting for it, and that one of my absolute bucket list dreams was to go to the Galapagos. The next morning, I woke up and he had printed out a picture of the islands and put it on my board. (Yes, he’s the sweetest.) A month later, I not only got a spot, but they assigned me to- guess where?- The Galapagos!
  • More than once I’ve put a check on my board for a specific amount and received that exact amount of money unexpectedly. At least ten times, probably more.
  • A few years ago I decided to manifest getting on Ellen’s famous “12 Days of Giveaways.” I reserved tickets for myself, Steve, my sister, and our friend for a day I was just sure we would be given tickets, based on the date before the holidays. I was positive. We were at the very end of the line, however, and couldn’t get into the show, so they offered us another tape date months later, after Christmas. I was disappointed- I had been so sure we would get those tickets!- but chose a date in February. Then, thought for a second, and changed my choice. We went to that show, and at the very end Ellen gave a “12 Days” ticket to a teacher she was honoring… and then to every person in the audience!! And YES we won big when we went nine months later!

These are just a few examples that anyone could chalk up to coincidence, which is just fine with me! But I have about 200 more examples large and (incredibly) small that tell me, personally, there is something to this whole “energy” thing.

So- to the meditation! These sessions are a bit different than the ones I’ve been doing via the Calm and Headspace apps. They start with a kind of lesson, then a “centering thought” (which I will be sharing in my posts!), and then you are given a mantra to focus on for the remainder of the time. I find I can get very trancelike when given a mantra to repeat, so the experience is awesomely relaxing for me. I’m really going to enjoy these.

The lesson had to do with noticing abundance all around us, in our every day lives, in nature, etc. It talked about how natural abundance is- a field of wildflowers, stars in the sky, grains of sand…. As I mentioned before, I have started this program a few times, which means I’ve done Day 1 perhaps three or four times before. I remember in the past always “seeing” the world anew after this meditation. You really start to notice the expansive beauty of everything around you. It’s a great reminder to take in all the abundance life provides all the time.

This is coming especially naturally to me at the moment, as I’m sure is true for so many of us, since the pandemic makes things like fresh air and wide open spaces more appreciated than ever before. I really felt my heart full of gratitude, and also like I was connected to something much, much larger than myself.

As today went on, I focused on all the ways I find abundance in my life. I was seriously in the shower, listing my blessings, feeling more and more excited as the list grew. When I came out, I was positively bursting with joy!

And guess what? A few hours later we were given a completely unexpected $250 gift card as a thank you! Just like that! This stuff works SO fast!

I think maybe I’ll keep a running list over the next month of the ways abundance shows up in my life, especially those surprise gifts and discoveries that seem to come nonstop when we are really in our flow. So, #1? Gift card!

Could it all be nothing but coincidence? Convenient timing? Sure. I suppose one could think that and that’s fine.

But, what can I say? I never really stopped believing that life has a little magic to it… and I really never want to! Honestly, what’s the fun in that?