Jan 18- Love & Light

Meditation: Chopra, Creating Abundance: The Source of All Abundance
Length: 15 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Connected & Joyful!
Who Joined Me: Steve

Day 2 Centering Thought: “I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.”

Today’s meditation focused on connecting with an infinite source, the source from which we all came, the universal energy source- whatever you like to call it. It led us to think about where we want to see more abundance in our lives, then to repeat the mantra and tune in.

Steve and I shared our experiences after. We both ended up having some crazy and beautiful visualizations of abundant love, joy, health, family, experiences, wealth, etc. I saw myself floating gently upward as lights started to twinkle inside me and my outer form faded away, and I could feel my entire being connected to something greater, something powerful.

How’s that for the cheesy stuff??

It’s true though! It felt awesome. Plugged in to love, love, love.

What a wonderful day to connect to that love. This year we honored Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by participating in a Day of Service event for LA. One of my most important goals in 2021 (and for the rest of time) is to connect more with my community, giving back in whatever ways I can, as well as nationally and worldwide. Some of the things that helped keep me (somewhat) sane last year were volunteering in multiple ways for the election and participating in the Black Lives Matter protests, educating myself on the issues, and showing up to contribute however I could.

Thinking of others instead of ourselves is one of the most reliable ways to navigate out of a funk. I never want to forget that!

(Quick disclaimer, as a huge mental health advocate: the above statement is often used to dismiss deep depression symptoms or to shame people who are shutting down due to incredible anxiety or other mental health challenges. There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all technique for everyone’s situation, nor are there “quick fixes” to just “snap out of it.” Tools that are generally reliable to help us when we are feeling these ways are just that- tools. Not magic erasers. Things we can try. Things to keep in our back pockets to implement when we are able. Ok, end soap box.)

So, today, I leave you with the words of MLK, since we could all use some meditation on his great message. Let’s not forget them once the moment ends. Let’s not twist them to fit our agenda, but instead honor the noble work he was fighting so hard to achieve. Let’s remember there is no justice for some until there is justice for all. Let’s keep in mind how hated this great man was during his lifetime, so hated he was murdered for his beliefs and leadership. Let’s ruminate on just how many people who use his quotes to advocate “peace” or “non-violence” today probably would fight against every initiative he pushed for.

It’s time for all of us to wake up, see the truth of the state of our nation, and speak up, show up, refuse to stop until we see true and lasting change.

We can be better. We must be.