Jan 21- Habitual Bliss

Meditation: Chopra, Creating Abundance: The Field of All Possibilities
Length: 15 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Blissful

Day 5 Centering Thought: “Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream.”

I am in that amazing state at the moment, you know the one? The post yoga bliss? The ahhhh I just meditated calm? That “I just got amazing news/ found out my crush likes me/ received the sweetest compliment” vibe? So lovely….

Maybe I’m especially focused on or attracting that bliss today because our mantra was “Sat, Chit, Ananda,” which I am told (for the few of you out there who don’t speak fluent Sanskrit, weirdos) means “existence, consciousness, bliss.” I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister’s friend I met once years ago named “Ananda.” Does she know her name means “bliss”? Surely she does. She’s so calm, too. Hm. Lovely.

Here’s the good news (and there is no bad news): this experiment, if you will, is going great! I’m in a fantastic mental state- I’m feeling grateful and positive and happy and joyful. More forgiving. More loving. More myself. Plus, as a bonus, the abundance and law of attraction portion of this little exercise is totally flowing!

I said I would keep a list during these few weeks of the good things I believe I’m attracting by tapping into my flow this way. Let’s update!

  1. The $250 gift card mentioned previously
  2. A certain financial situation we weren’t sure would work out for awhile came through, and for the maximum amount it could be!
  3. Another unexpected gift showed up at our house in MI- Steve will find out what it is when he arrives home!
  4. I’ve taken a bit of a break from acting for about six months, being burned out on Zoom while I was stressed last year and choosing to step back from in person productions to protect us from getting or spreading COVID (since we have to fly to see each other.) I just decided I was ready to start up again, just said it to Steve, and tonight was offered a role in an upcoming reading and opened my email to an audition from my agent. Just like that.

That’s not bad, in my opinion! I’m responding joyfully and trying to pay all this good fortune forward, especially during a time that is still extremely hard and scary for so many. What is the point of abundance if you don’t share it?

During the meditation today, I was thinking about all of this while I listened to Deepak Chopra’s words. The lesson was all about the unlimited power of the universe and the field of infinite possibilities that exists for all of us. It included a reminder to visualize what you want specifically, to really have fun creating the details and imagining you already have it. I thought of a few situations I want to adjust in my life and was inspired with ideas about how to improve them. I thought of a new topic for my other blog. I thought about everything that was already happening, and imagined a whole lifetime spent feeling like this as much as possible.

Today officially marks three weeks since I began this little project. 21 days of meditating. Many experts say that’s the magic number to start or change a habit. I can definitively say I want to continue this one as steadily as possible for as long as I live. It’s so easy to fit a little meditation into your life daily. I had no idea how easy it is!

I’m so glad I listened to RuPaul. So should we all.