Jan 22- Show Night

Meditation: Calm, Deep Sleep
Length: 11 minutes
Where: In my bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Must have been relaxing!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me- the first virtual play I’ve ever assistant directed went up last night! Even though I wasn’t performing, I’m a total nut about the magic of theatre. I was excited all day and exhausted when it was over. I decided to save my meditation for when I was falling asleep.

I was so tired I knew it didn’t need to be a big one. I just chose a quick ten minute session, and I was fast asleep by the end. Impossible to tell if that was from sheer mental exhaustion (or the fact that I’d only slept about four solid hours the night before, thanks to a cranky, hungry, vomit-y cat), or if the meditation helped. Either way, I slept like a baby for ten hours straight!

I’ve had so much of my mind focused on the show, I haven’t thought too much about the Abundance challenge since Thursday. However, I have two cool things we “attracted” to add to the list!

  • I sold something that had been siting awhile with little or no interest. Suddenly I had a buyer who was willing to pay full price and wanted to move quickly! That was cool.
  • Steve has really been in the zone since he started doing this with me! He was upgraded to first class on his flight home, given a free care package as he went through the Clear line, had time to go to the lounge where he got more free food, then got loads more free food and wine on the flight! When he arrived home, there was a $100 reimbursement check waiting for him, and that unexpected and totally sweet gift we saw the Fedex guy trying to deliver earlier this week!

I also may have another acting opportunity already, which is crazy.

All material things aside, it’s just been a wonderful week filled with so many amazing things. I really feel the energy of the world has shifted now that we’ve ejected a dark element, and I feel the energy of myself shifting, too. I was telling Steve last night I think I have my “light” back! I’m sure that’s due to a lot of factors, but the meditation time has certainly contributed to that change inside myself, not to mention having a daily focus and purpose, a project to keep me on track.

I really love the quote shared at the end of last night’s meditation (I woke up to it waiting on my phone screen, a nice perk of meditating to sleep!) A good reminder of the equanimity we should be aiming for with this practice, not to mention a great reminder that I should read some Eckhart Tolle this year!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!