Jan 24- Spontaneous Joy

Meditation: Chopra, Creating Abundance: Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire
Length: 15 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Positively Gleeful

Day 7 Centering Thought: “I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams.”

This may not be a terribly long or deep post, but luckily it’s for a very good reason. All the abundance I’m focused on manifesting in every part of my life? That old thing? Remember? Man, is it working. I suddenly find my life filled with creative projects and opportunities, and I am not complaining!

What I am, however, is busy. Almost to the point of starting to consider which work I’ll need to turn down. A very nice problem to have, especially after my long pandemic drought. That was really hard on my heart. I love what I do so much, living without it, or even really the ability to do it because I was so manic and stressed- that was a real problem.

Being super busy? Hardly seems like a problem at all, in comparison.

I hope you know- and this is really important!- I am not writing about all this amazing stuff happening in my life to brag, or make people feel terrible if things aren’t going well for them, or to flaunt my luck or whatever. I know how much people are suffering right now, especially, in so many ways. I’m sharing this journey in hopes of inspiring the people who take the time to read it, to remind us all that no matter what happens, there are things within our control.

We can control how we spend our free time. We can control how loving we are toward ourselves, and avoid shame spirals. We can control our gratitude, our frequencies, and our awareness. We can control when we push and when we back off. We have so much more control over our outer circumstances than we realize, and I’m as much reminding myself of this as any reader.

Of course, our mental health has to be balanced to give us access to all of this. That isn’t always within our control, and that has to come first. But on the days we can choose, I think it’s powerful to choose to be positive, mindful, kind, generous (in whatever ways are accessible to us), and grateful. Not only is it just a good way to live, but it really changes things in our day to day lives for us. It truly improves the quality of those days, and eventually, our entire lives. I believe that so much. I see it time and time again.

Maybe this is resonating with you. Or maybe you aren’t in a place to hear it right now. That’s all okay. My job, as I see it, is to share my authentic and honest experience day to day during a year of meditation, and so I shall. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

Speaking of meditation, today’s was unbelievable. I literally felt some of my walls coming down inside me, related to the relationships in my life and the work I’ve been doing there (more in my last post). It felt SO freeing, I started spontaneously laughing. Hard. Belly laughs. At first in little fits, then continuously, harder and harder until I felt happy tears streaming down my face!

Honestly, I’m not sure I was 100% a believer in the power of all this when I started a few weeks ago, but it really does just keep getting better and better. I really can’t wait to see what changes this will bring over the next eleven months. I can only imagine!