Feb 1- Full-Heartedly

Meditation: Chopra, Creating Abundance: Abundance and the Law of Intention and Desire
Length: 15 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Thrilling!

Day 12 Centering Thought: “I place my intention in the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me.”

Kicking off Month 2 of the great meditation experiment! I’m feeling good! Positive. Like I can really do this for a year.

I meditated almost first thing this morning, which is a habit I don’t yet have but would like to keep working on. I really think it sets your mindset for the day in a positive direction.

I need all the help I can get- mornings are hard for me. I’m usually pretty cranky and slow. I’m such a night person! (I can’t help it, I’m a Cancer.) Something about sitting and breathing deeply feels like… like a good stretch. Like I’m clearing the kinks out of my brain the way I twist and stretch them out of my physical self in the mornings. It’s nice.

Today part of the meditation was a guided visualization, which I love. These are probably my favorite kinds of meditations, honestly. I like letting someone’s soothing voice take me on a little journey in my mind.

Plus, it almost always involves the beach. A true mental vacay!

This one was no different. I was instructed to picture myself at a beautiful beach, dolphins playing, sun shining. So peaceful, so warm. Then, I “found” a bottle with a scroll and pen beside me, on which I was to write all my deepest desires, then pitch them into the “vast ocean of all possibilities” referenced in the centering thought above.

It was really fun! I’ve heard using the Law of Attraction described as “shopping from the catalog of the universe” before, and it really did feel like that.

I was then supposed to hand it over to the universe and trust it to work out the details. I’ve definitely learned in all my years of practicing this stuff that, nine times out of ten, the things you want arrive to you in ways you could never have planned or imagined. People show up in unexpected places. Money you wished for comes from a source you wouldn’t have even considered on your own. I’ve thought about needing shampoo and found it in my mailbox. My sister was once deep in a flow, and she was in class thinking about how she had to go buy bread. Minutes later, someone in that class literally offered her a loaf of bread they had been given but didn’t need.

I’m not kidding- this stuff is crazy!

(This particular sister is amazing at the Law of Attraction. Her stories would blow you away. Maybe I can request she write a guest post to talk more about her experiences!)

All of this reminds me, I was supposed to keep a running list of things I feel I’ve been attracting during this meditation course! Let me first aggregate, then add the newest items.

  1. The $250 Gift Card received unexpectedly
  2. The financial situation we were worried about that suddenly worked out in the best possible way
  3. Steve received a very kind gift as a thank you from a colleague
  4. The flow of creative work- especially acting opportunities- pouring in since the moment I decided I was ready to get back to work! I’m overwhelmed (literally hahahaHA but really)
  5. The item I suddenly sold for the maximum possible price- none of the normal haggling
  6. Steve’s flight experience back home- upgrades, free food, drinks, even a gift bag when he went through security
  7. Guess who had some of that Gamestop stock? Not a lot, alas, but I’ll take any investment wins I can get!
  8. I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a new keyboard and starting practicing piano again for years but haven’t really put much effort into the idea because of space restrictions. I joined a local “Buy Nothing” group and the very first day I saw a post offering a free roll up keyboard, which I didn’t even realize existed. I commented my interest and was chosen to receive it! (Multiple people post in the comments if they would like it and the owner of the object chooses who gets it.) I’m so excited to play even a little again!
  9. I just learned today about a stipend for a job I’ve already agreed to do in exchange for nothing but creative fulfillment.
  10. I received two separate discounts on two services for which I was fully prepared to pay full price.
  11. I somehow have a free subscription to an app I didn’t pay a subscription fee to! I feel like Chandler and Joey when they got free porn- nervous whenever I close the app that it won’t be there when I try again, but so far it always is!

To be honest, these things above are fun to play with, but the really beautiful part of this meditation challenge is the abundance I feel in all parts of my life, and the gratitude I feel more and more every day. I feel healthy, happy, and loved. Old friends have been reaching out to reconnect. My interactions are more enjoyable. My marriage feels abundant- full of love, understanding, patience, growth, and support. Work is fulfilling and plentiful. My heart feels full.

My heart really feels full.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com