Feb 4- Back to School Vibes

Meditation: Calm, The Confidence Series: Before a Meeting-Calm & Clear
Length: 12 minutes
Where: Comfy Chair- Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Calming

No abundance meditation today, because I found myself in need of a specific type of calming.

I always get super excited to start a new project! I’m directing a new play, and I was practically bouncing off the walls waiting to start our first rehearsal. It’s a virtual play- a new format that has been growing rapidly since the start of the pandemic. I’ve started working with a new theatre company focusing on Zoom plays alone, and it’s been an awesome experience!

SO- I had first day of school level excitement. I’m a pretty passionate person, which can be a really good thing… and can also mean when I get excited, I get really excited. It’s the quality that gets me a spot as a contestant on a different game show almost every year… and the quality that used to get me so worked up I would literally vomit sometimes.

It’s a weird life, but it’s mine!

I found a cool series on the Calm app under the “Work” tab called “The Confidence Series.” To be honest, I’ve used Calm so often for sleep meditations, I’ve failed to explore the other options much! They have a lot of cool, specific meditations. I chose a session called “Before a Meeting- Calm & Clear,” reasoning that it was the closest I would find to “You’re About to Lead a Rehearsal for a Play.”

(I sort of want to create a meditation series specifically for actors and creatives now!)

Two best remedies for anxiety: Meditation & a Monica-level organized binder. Ahhh….

The visual given was basically thinking of my insides as a snow globe that someone just shook, but using the meditation to let all those jumpy nerves in my stomach settle and calm, making space for just the good stuff, like excitement and confidence. I know how to do the job, I didn’t feel nervous about failing, but even when you’re just too excited you can get in your own way! (See “vomit” situation above.) It was really nice to take a few minutes to redirect my focus, take deep, intentional breaths, and calm down.

It went great! The rehearsal, I mean. And the meditation. Before I began this experiment, I would almost definitely not have made time to meditate before we started. I would have gone in hot, then wished I hadn’t been so worked up. It makes it hard to appreciate a moment when you’re sort of redlining.

Instead, I got to lead rehearsal calmly, confidently, and happily!

The ways in which meditation enhances my life experiences seem never ending. And I am not complaining about that one little bit.