Feb 14- Valentine

Meditation: Calm, Daily Calm with Tamara Levitt: Love
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Whitsett Field Park, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Warm
Who Joined Me: Steve

The “love” theme continued through the weekend, as I tried the “Daily Calm” meditation for the first time, a short but beautiful session.

We took some time to get outside yesterday, even though it was incredibly windy. The sunshine felt amazing, though! We did some laps around our neighborhood park, then found a nice, big rock in the sun to sit on and meditate together.

I love meditating with my husband always, but it felt especially nice to be together on Valentine’s Day, really connecting energetically, focused on love, love love.

Soaking it up

I was thrilled that the meditation again focused on self-love, not just romantic love. Romantic love is a beautiful experience, but I really believe self-love is about the most important thing there is. In a society that tells us all the ways we don’t measure up- physically, mentally, socially, financially- we gotta have that voice inside us that knows we are enough, that reminds us we are worthy. It’s the basis of everything, in my opinion, including a healthy romantic relationship.

I thought Calm delivered the perfect quote for today at the end of the session, so I leave you with these powerful words!