Feb 19- The Show Goes On

Meditation: Calm, Restful Sleep
Length: 20 minutes
Where: My bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Sleepy

Our show went up last night! The actors did great, everything went off without a hitch, and the mad rush to get it all together has ended.

Post-show blues? Maybe a little, but it feels different than when I’m acting. Directing a show that goes well feels like you can put a “done” stamp on it and feel great! When I’m acting in a show that ends, it’s a little harder to let it go.

I love directing, but acting has my heart, always.

The day was all about preparing for the show, doing the show, then spending hours recapping the show, answering messages and phone calls, congratulating everyone, celebrating- all the fun stuff! Suddenly it was bedtime and I hadn’t meditated yet, so I ended up doing a sleep meditation. I have a feeling I would have slept like a rock with or without the meditation, but it’s always nice to drift off to a soothing voice and relaxing music….

I. Am. Spent!

Grateful to be back to creative work again! I love this type of total exhaustion. That feeling that you put your whole heart and soul into something larger than yourself. The best.

Now, to rest rest rest this weekend. I’m sure life will be back to full speed before I know it. It always is!

Post-show “curtain call” with these fabulous actors! Our piece was “Listening” by Jennifer O’Grady