Feb 21- Just Do It!

Meditation: Calm, Anxiety Release
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Uplifting

I just finished today’s meditation minutes ago, and I wanted to write about it right away, because I want to remember this feeling!

Steve and I were just on the phone discussing how weird it is that we don’t want to meditate when we are anxious or overwhelmed. We know it helps. We know we feel better afterward right away. We know it’s good for us. We know all of this.

Still, when the day feels busy or we are less than stellar mentally or emotionally, our instinct is to skip it, to free up some time, to push it to the back-burner.

I did that the past two days, pushing my meditation back until I went to sleep. The first day, I was busy. The second, I was exhausted and decided to shut down.

Both days, meditating would have made me feel good. It would have helped. Both days would have been better for it. So strange that I know that, but I didn’t make myself do it!

Today Steve and I were both feeling anxious for silly reasons, especially me. That was what started this conversation we were having, which ultimately inspired me to be sure I got my butt to the cushion today.

I chose a ten minute meditation from the Calm app called “Anxiety Release.” It was perfect! I feel better, lighter, happier. I have some clarity on something that’s been bothering me. My shoulders are more relaxed, and my jaw.

Shocking, huh??

I have got to remember this, and make a point of prioritizing meditation until it’s a habit I do without thinking! It doesn’t have to be perfect, and some days a sleep meditation is just what the doctor ordered. Still, I want to break the tendency to push it to the back of my mind when the situation doesn’t line up just right.

So, this blog is mostly a reminder to myself! Meditate, silly! You’ll feel so much better when you do!

From the app! Love this quote.