Feb 22- Manifest

Meditation: Chopra, Creating Abundance: Happiness and Humanity
Length: 16 minutes
Where: North Hollywood Park, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Warm

Day 22 Centering Thought: “As I elevate my abundance consciousness, I do my part to heal the world.”

Yesterday was such a beautiful, warm, sunny day, I decided to make it a little park day- a date with myself. I took a blanket and a book out to a neighborhood park for a few hours, walking laps between chapters. Beyond therapeutic.

This last “bonus” meditation in the “Creating Abundance” series focused on the idea that elevating your own consciousness helps the world as a whole. I’m a big proponent of working on yourself, always, in order to help others. The more we can heal ourselves, examine our lives to find wisdom where we can, and raise our own frequencies, the more we can give to everyone around us. The more tools we have to make the world a better place. The less we contribute to negativity, insecure gossip, lack of support, the myth of scarcity, etc.

While I set out at the beginning of the abundance challenge to see results in my own life, I really understand now that the bigger picture is being responsible for my own energy. Yes, it’s been fun to see the little surprises from the universe (if you will) along the way. It makes it a game, which makes anything more enjoyable! But the real rewards are increased peace, deeper understanding of the “spiritual laws”, more empathy, and a larger desire than ever to pay my blessings forward.

I know I sort of abandoned the “Things Manifested” list throughout this process, but, besides shifting focus a bit, the truth is there was too much to keep track of! I don’t say this to brag, but I really do want to encourage others to try the Law of Attraction stuff themselves. Watch “The Secret” or read the books, find gratitude or abundance meditations, connect with others who are interested in the principles, whatever you can do.

I promise you, the worst case scenario is feeling happier, less afraid, and more grateful. The best case scenario is everything you’ve dared to dream coming to you!

In the past several weeks, we’ve been blessed with multiple surprise gifts, opportunities offered by friends and strangers, financial surprises left and right, free things, discounts we didn’t even ask for, and, most importantly, connections with people from our past popping up everywhere!

One funny example- we still have a data plan on our phones that isn’t unlimited, due to a certain discount my husband gets through his job. (Hard to explain, but suffice it to say we would pay a lot more for unlimited data and we basically never go over, so we’ve left it alone.) Recently, we’ve been having wifi issues and both working from home. Our data was almost spent with over a week to go since we were using our phones as a hotspot.

Finding no good options via the app, Steve called our carrier, resigned to paying more for increased data, no idea what to expect. Instead of costing extra, however, the representative offered to give us more data for less! She actually lowered our bill.

I’ve called to check on our data options probably three times in the past year and a half. I’ve asked them to list every option, every combination, because we were budgeting to put all our kids on our plan. I’ve never heard of the option we were given a few days ago, but there it was! Save money, get more. Suddenly, out of nowhere.

Again, this may seem like a small thing, but isn’t the magic of life just a lot of little miracles put together? It’s just one example of how things have been lately, and I refuse to write it off as a coincidence or not notice it. I want to notice. I want to be delighted! I want to feel deep gratitude for every little thing. It feels good! It feels wonderful, actually!

Plus, I’m acutely aware that the more resources I have- money, opportunity, things to share, positive energy, etc- the more I can pass on to others. For me, that’s the entire point of all of this. I know I don’t enjoy what I have unless I get to share it with others somehow. I was raised in a family where, if one wins, we all win. If one needs help, everyone shows up.

I’ve yet to meet one truly happy person who hoards all their knowledge and wealth for themselves, shutting out the people who could benefit from it. I’ve just never experienced it. Those people may seem like they “have it all,” but they don’t. They can’t. Giving back in a meaningful way is too big a piece of finding happiness.

I’m so grateful for this Chopra meditation challenge, and so happy to have finally finished one! Meditation is leading me down a lot of expected paths, and I’m really enjoying the journey. It’s forcing me to look at my inner and outer world in ways I wouldn’t stop to notice otherwise. To pause and take stock. To check in with myself more, to ensure I’m truly aligned with my values.

It’s pretty powerful stuff!

I leave you with some pretty photos from yesterday’s meditation spot. If you’re somewhere cold, maybe these will mentally warm you a bit!

Thanks for following this journey, all. Sending you love, sunshine, and gratitude.