Feb 23- The Attic

Meditation: Headspace, Basics #10
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Like a comfy sweatshirt

Now that my Chopra “Abundance” meditation series is finished, I wanted to go back and complete some of the meditation series I started earlier this year. I really don’t like leaving things unfinished! I have actual OCD and it drives me crazy when I leave a series, book, movie, class, etc undone.

I like to put a stamp on things!

I went way, way back to basics. As in “Headspace, Basics.” I completed the final session from the most introductory course there is on the Headspace app. It felt lovely and easy, like coming home and sitting in your favorite chair. I had a general idea what I could expect, and I just eased into it, perched on the edge of my meditation cushion, breathing deeply and fully.

My mind is busy today, I noticed. I ended last night earlier than I wanted, unfortunately, because I suddenly found myself with a crippling tension headache. I get these from time to time, and really the only cure is sleeping it off. Tylenol helps a little, massage helps a lot, but time and rest are really the only immediate options.

Usually I get regular massages as an important part of my self-care routine. I prioritize massage over things like getting my nails done or other conveniences because it really is important for my physical health, on top of the mental health benefits. I hold ALL my tension in my neck, shoulders, and hips, and while yoga and nightly stretching release a lot of crap built up in my hips, I can’t do too much for my neck and the tops of my shoulders.

Unfortunately, Covid has put in dent in my routines.

Anyway, this is all to say that this headache hit hard around 9 pm, and I had a whole evening planned, so I started out my day feeling “behind,” if you will. This is not an enjoyable feeling for me- I hate the stress of needing to “catch up.” Therefore, my mind was reluctant to slow down during the meditation.

Still, as Andy reminded me during the session, it’s a practice. Slowly, slowly, over time, this will get easier. I believe!

This quote below says it all- I feel like I’m just really starting to explore the parts of my mind I’ve neglected in the past, just noticing nooks and crannies I never saw before. It’s fun! Kind of like exploring the attic of myself, the place that I’ve put various thoughts and experiences and feelings to explore later.

And later is now!

Point being, the mind is bound to feel busy when we really start practicing meditation. Over time, I’m hoping, I will be able to create a calm, quiet, organized space where I once just found boxes and piles of accumulated junk. Bit by bit, I can get there.

I believe!