Feb 26- Cocoon

Meditation: Calm, How to Meditate: A Habit You Actually Want
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Loving

This session was a sort of condensed version of a loving kindness meditation, if you’re familiar. It was all about being kind to yourself and sending kind love to people in your life. Beautiful, definitely.

I decided to go back and also finish the “How to Meditate” series on the Calm app with Jeff Warren. It’s pretty fabulous. I think this next month I’m going to focus on basics. Understanding the mechanics of meditation, the general practices, good habits, etc. I’ve been playing with different things, but I definitely want to get a solid base underneath me before I get too far into this project.

Not that I plan to just stop meditating at the end of the year. Everything I learn along the way should be helpful for the rest of my life! Still, I would like to have a good grasp of the fundamentals so I can get the most out of every meditation I do going forward.

This was supposed to be primarily a “rest and organize my life” week after the whirlwind that has been 2021 so far, but I’m having trouble slowing down. I have one more week to lean in to my alone time and make the most of it before things start getting slowly back to “normal.” I know it won’t just be life as we know it anytime soon, but I also think by this summer, we will be able to socialize more closely to the way we used to. I want to really use this cocoon time wisely!

I will likely never have a period like this again in my lifetime- more than a year where the whole world was forced to slow down all at once. Better make the best of it!

After this next week, Steve will be back with me in LA (yay!), and my best childhood friend (who works in healthcare and has been properly vaccinated) is coming to visit. Not too long after that, we are taking the kids to visit the grandparents (also vaccinated!) in Florida for some much needed beach and family time.

This is what I mean about life slowly creeping back toward “normal”- as more people get the vaccine and restrictions begin to lift, I want to be ready to jump back in. I won’t be if I don’t get the most out of the down time I’ve been given; I’ll feel rushed out the door.

Not too many big things to share today. It feels wonderful to send kindness out to the world, always. I never feel better than when I’m really sitting in love, radiating it as far as I can in every direction. That’s my takeaway from this session. It’s a good one.

Not life-shattering…. but really good.