Mar 6- 11:11

Meditation: Calm, How to Meditate: Electric Clarity
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Sweet
Who Joined Me: Tigre

Absolutely beautiful meditation session yesterday. Actually the whole day was amazing. It started with an incredibly fun rehearsal in which I got to play with channeling Martha Gellhorn, and ended with dinner with friends I haven’t seen in a year or more- friends who are in a tight and safe Covid bubble with each other, but whom I’ve been steering clear of until I had been solidly alone for a two week stretch, to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Seeing those you love after so long does the heart so much good.

Did I mention there was a new puppy? Because the day wasn’t already great enough?

In between, I meditated, like normal. Only this time, Tigre climbed into my lap and purred away. It was just about the most calming feeling in the world.

True love.

I know you’re supposed to stay still during a meditation, trying to sit upright and focus on your breathing, but I chose to pet Tigre the entire time, which, amazingly, was 11:11 exactly! 11 minutes and 11 seconds. That felt like a nice universe sign, too. Comforting.

Instead of letting Tigre distract me, I used petting him as my “home base.” I focused on it and really paid attention to each stroke. It felt like when we do moving meditations in yoga, when you get totally lost in the way something physically feels. In the midst of trying to fit a lot in yesterday, it completely calmed me.

We practiced noticing our thoughts and feelings without judgment. We paid attention to where our mind wandered, just to note it. Were our thoughts wandering to the past? Present? Future? What took us away? How did it feel to come back to the home base? To the moment?

I felt love, love, love. During the meditation, all day long.

I felt love for theatre, love for Martha, love for my fellow performers and director, love for the company that allows me a fulfilling creative opportunity in the midst of a pandemic, love for my kitty, love for my sweet husband as he sent pictures of he and the kids having a great time skiing, love for our sweet, adventurous kids, love for my dear friends, who thoughtfully cooked a vegetarian dinner since I was coming, love for everything and everyone in my life.

Stopping to meditate constantly reminds me of this: I am a lucky girl.