Mar 8- Quick

Meditation: Headspace, Jumpstart Your Day
Length: 4 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Quick!

I’m starting to see a little bit of success with my morning routine goals! This morning I managed to drink water, do yoga, and meditate all before I officially started my busy day. I also wrote yesterday’s blog in that time, so, really, I wrote, too!

I’m on my way!

I was anxious about getting everything done quickly, however, so I chose a shorter meditation for today. It was appropriate though- titled “Jumpstart Your Day.” I knew if I tried a longer one, I wouldn’t be able to really be present for it, not with all the millions of tasks I had to get done in a short time frame, so I chose shorter, thinking four good, quality minutes were better than fourteen distracted ones.

I think that choice paid off! I was really listening, paying attention to my breath, and feeling the stress melt out of my shoulders. At the end, instead of being relieved it was over and jumping up to do the next thing, I actually sat an extra minute and let the feeling linger.

Again, know yourself, right? Nothing to prove here, just trying to do what’s best for my brain day to day.

And now what’s best for my brain is to get ready for bed and climb in! Goodnight, friends!