Mar 10- Cozy

Meditation: Calm, How to Meditate: A Space Odyssey
Length: 13 minutes
Where: In my bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Relaaaaaaxing

I’m run down today for various reasons and very tired.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re probably like, “Ok, she’s tired too much. This girl needs to get some frickin’ sleep.”

You aren’t wrong, but honestly it’s more that I’m a big whiny baby who can’t power through when I’m tired unless I have something specific to do, so, in these pandemic days, when I’m tired, I mostly just wander around thinking about how tired I am.

Aaaaand it’s the start of my “lovely lady days” (again? ugh). I tend to get extra drained around this time of the month. Plus it’s very grey and rainy here in LA this week, which just makes you want to curl up and take naps with your cat. Or husband. Or both. Or neither.

I’m not too picky about how naps happen.

It’s kind of perfect timing, though, the rainy days. Lovely lady days are for nurturing yourself and taking it easy, in my opinion. Steve made sure I ordered good brie with our groceries today, and I’m pretty sure we have a few Grubhub nights in the immediate future, along with plans to catch up on the Marvel Universe! We are behind.

We spent an entire year watching every Marvel property in order (well, I watched every property, Steve just watched the movies with me- I have a bit more free time without a full time job and three kids!) and we are so excited for Phase Four!! I’ve started getting way too nervous that I’ll stumble across WandaVision spoilers, so it’s time to get serious here.

I’m a nerd for awesome filmmaking, whatever the form. I have no snobbery about superheroes!

So, what on earth does any of this have to do with my meditation? Well, I’m crazy sleepy, and have zero energy, so I chose to lie down for this session. At this point in the series, Jeff Warren explained, we are basically experimenting with different forms of meditating to see what resonates and works best for us. Pretty cool to get to explore like that!

We focused on sounds, silence, and everything in between. It was all sound based. We even spent some time pinpointing the silent parts inside of ourselves. It was very soothing, and I took a moment to be grateful that, even though I live in a condo building in a big city, it’s actually extremely quiet here. We have no shared walls and our building is usually very chill. When you live in a city like LA, it’s nice to have a little place you can get away from the busy vibes, noise, and madness without actually leaving the city!

Anyway, it was lovely, and by the end, I remembered why meditating laying down is challenging. I was straight up falling asleep! I took a power nap for a few minutes, then woke up suddenly, worried I’d slept for hours!

Nope. Three minutes. Cool.

Again, I didn’t try to force myself to meditate the “right” way today, I just meditated. I let the experience meet me where I am, and that felt right. On a rare, rainy day in sunny Los Angeles, you should be as cozy as possible at all times.

Before I know it, it’ll be too hot and sunny all over again, after all.

(Can’t wait!)

Tigre gets it- he’s a master Rainy Day Napper