Mar 13- Energy

Meditation: Headspace, Energizing
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Um, energizing! 
Who Joined Me: Steve

Today’s meditation was so cool!

The hubby and I were starting to sputter out a bit after a day of doing projects around the condo and working our way through a long to-do list, so we decided to pause and meditate before we burned out. I found a session on Headspace labeled “Energizing” which seemed perfect for the moment!

We started as usual, getting set up on our blankets and meditation cushion, backs straight, ready to go. Then, to our surprise, we were instructed to lie down on our backs with our knees in the air. After pausing to quickly roll out our yoga mats, we were ready for Take 2.

Jordi (first time hearing this guide on the app, very soothing voice) led us through some breath work and invited us to relax all our muscles and place our hands on our hearts. Then we went through a visualization exercise that involved doors all around our heart space which we opened to let various types of energy in. The door below us invited grounding energy from the earth, opening the one above let in energy from the universal source, and so on, to the north (mountains, wisdom), east (new beginnings), south (transformation, rebirth), and west (closing old chapters, letting go).

Not only was it a powerful exercise- it worked! By the end, I was positively vibrating. I could barely lie still on my mat! I had a burst of fresh energy and I was ready to go!

Which is good, because I’m trying to take care of a few more things tonight so I can focus on my visiting friend the next few days! My (vaccinated) best friend since I was 12 is coming in from Indiana, and while I can’t offer her great weather (sorry, girl!), I am excited to be able to give her my full attention. We haven’t seen each other since before the pandemic began!

What a year!

At any rate, grateful for this practice, grateful for my supportive husband who never complains, even when my “let’s get this done this weekend!” list is forty items long, and grateful for the light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

Be safe and well, friends!