Mar 22- Building Up

Meditation: Clear, How to Meditate: The Waxy Build-up
Length: 13 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Like Ahhhhh...

What a great day it’s been! I got my hair cut today, guys! Holy crap. I cut that old pandemic right out of my hair, and I couldn’t feel more free! I keep flipping my head around like a model in a Pantene commercial.


This meditation was bomb though. The title “The Waxy Build-up” referred to that thing that happens to we humans where, for instance, you meet a new partner, and you just looooove everything about them. Then, a year later, you start to notice their chewing (or fill in the blank here). Two years later, they do some of the most annoying things on earth and you can’t believe you ever put up with it. Three years later? You break up.

You can’t stand them anymore!

We’ve all had some version of that relationship. Lord knows I have. I’m actually still friends with everyone I ever dated, but I’ve lived this without a doubt, even though I still love them all. That doesn’t mean they didn’t drive me nuts at some point.

According to Jeff Warren, this “build-up” is the cause of “half the world’s problems.” That seems plausible, if hard to measure. He also says the antidote to this issue is a mix of equanimity (my favorite!) and clarity.

Jeff gave a great definition of equanimity in this session: “the insanely brave capacity to stay open and available when things get intense.” I love that so much. It is brave! It’s easy to lash out, to react. It’s hard to stay peaceful, y’all. Oof.

We went through a visualization Jeff likes of seeing yourself as a mountain…or to be mountainlike…or perhaps draw inspiration from mountains…. I can’t remember exactly, but you get the idea. It was pretty cool! It definitely felt empowering.

Speaking of empowering, whatever little breakthrough I had the other night has been giving me life! I banished that mean little demon voice and I’m feeling amazing. I’ve started working on my next directing project, connecting with new people in my community, making plans that actually involve venturing out into the world, attracting some cool opportunities, and generally just feeling awesome. I’m crazy excited for our family trip to Florida next week and just as excited to get my second vaccine shot before we go!

I’m going back into the world with the ability to see more clearly than ever before, and an appreciation for life that’s ten times what it was before everything as we knew it came to a stop. I will never again take traveling, seeing family, working, or even just walking around without a mask for granted.

I can’t imagine getting annoyed with someone chewing now. I want to be around other humans and all their annoying traits! Bring it on!