Mar 23- Adjust

Meditation: Headspace, Goodnight
Length: 15 minutes
Where: In my bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Relaxing

I very purposefully did a sleep meditation yesterday because I am working hard to get good, natural sleep. I’m also trying to adjust my sleep schedule back to normal human hours now that the pandemic days are numbered.

Baby steps!

I usually do the Calm sleep sessions but mixed it up with a Headspace one last night. It was really nice! That slow, methodic relaxing of your muscles from your toes on up. The best feeling.

How does my mind make a warm, heavy feeling come over my body??? I will never stop thinking that’s amazing.

No huge insights today. Currently dealing with the Spectrum technician that’s trying to fix our wifi, which randomly has gotten worse since they “upgraded” our modem.

Ok, one big insight. Spectrum, in LA at least, is the worrrrrrrst. That’s my hot tip of the day! Haha, now go forward with this wisdom, and be well.

(I knoooooow, equanimity! Inner peace! Grace! Whatever, dude…they suck.)

Me, a night owl, in my natural form
(Photo by DSD on