Mar 25- Focus

Meditation: Headspace, Focus
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Weird

SO much to get done. I have been bouncing from one thing to the next all week, with hardly a moment to breathe in between.

(Although, of course, I’m making those moments to breathe!)

I did a fast meditation tonight as I felt my energy begin to wane. I still have a lot of things to check off the list before my day is done! I’m also a bit all over the place: a little stressed about getting everything done before I leave for Florida Monday morning (made tougher because I’m getting my second vaccine shot Saturday and have noooo idea how I’ll feel over the weekend; oh, please, let me not feel super sick!), happy to be back to life and getting busy again, and also feeling SUPER excited because Steve and I just booked our first international trip since 2019!

Heading to Cabo for our anniversary!!! Can’t wait. I just wanna sit on the beach with my man, read a book, order drinks, sleep in, eat whatever we want, and do nothing but enjoy ourselves for a full week. Steve needs it, badly. He’s been working insane hours since the pandemic began. Such a great dude. One who seriously deserves some days off!

I’ve never actually been to Mexico, which I know is crazy since I’ve lived in Los Angeles for thirteen years. You would think I could have made it down there once or twice, but nope! Never. I’ve only recently started visiting more places close to home, since those are the easiest to take for granted.

Thoughts on the meditation: it was so short! I just felt like I would fall asleep if I tried to do a longer or more relaxing session today, and I didn’t have brain space to think about a lot of deep concepts.

It was strange for me, too, because I was guided to keep my eyes open with a soft focus. I’m so used to closing my eyes while meditating, I felt a little crazy. Almost like when you peek during a family prayer- I felt like I was cheating somehow! I focused on an item in front of me for the three minute session: a yoga towel. It was actually kind of cool, zooming in on every little detail, really letting myself get lost in the bright orange rough fabric, the stitching, the fold of it…


I don’t know if I’m more focused, but I did feel motivated enough to write a quick blog post, so that’s a good sign! Now to power through the rest of my list for today, then collapse into bed.

Exciting stuff on the horizon!! Grateful and totally pumped!

Look at this hottie who is clearly meant to be at the beach! Steve during our trip to Turks & Caicos a few years ago