Mar 27- Loss

Meditation: Headspace, Sadness and Loss
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Heavy

We lost a member of our family today. Brian McCoy. Just about one of the sweetest, most loving and supportive people you could know. Bravest, too.

He fought through multiple health issues for so long, always staying positive. This last lung transplant came with so many complications, and he decided it had all become too much. He was done.

I’m trying to process this as the second shot of my Covid vaccine works its way through my system, draining just about all the energy I have. I can barely keep my eyes open. At the end of this meditation for loss, I started having weird dreams of cat captains and ships. I have never felt so exhausted.

We lost so many people last year, it’s heartbreaking to lose yet another. Brian and his wife Heidi have been so amazing to me, to my family, immediate and extended. He leaves behind a brood of amazing children and some grandchildren, too. He was still so young. It’s too much.

I’ll just end this by saying tell everyone how much you love them, and don’t let yourself take anyone for granted. Life is much, much too short.

Rest in sweet peace, Brian. We will never forget you or the love you showed us. You fought valiantly, and you will be missed by so many.

At our wedding welcome party, being his silly self with wife & daughter 💖