Mar 31- From the Hospital

Meditation: Headspace, Unwind
Length: 3 minutes
Where: In Laws’ Home, Venice, FL
How It Felt: A tiny bit comforting

I know the end of the month is when I usually do a monthly check-in to see if I’m making progress on the goals I set out at the beginning of this experiment, but that’s going to have to be delayed a few days.

My husband, Steve, came down with a bad fever, stomach pains, and several other symptoms on day 1 of this trip. Yesterday, he woke up jaundiced and ended up in the ER yesterday afternoon. They admitted him and he’s still in the hospital.

They are running a bunch of tests, but no answers yet. Most of the scary things have been eliminated (most likely) but it’s a stressful time. We are trying to keep the kids’ Spring Break activities going, making sure they have fun (they only allow one visitor in the hospital) while trying to balance our parents’ needs, sister’s schedule, etc. Our cousins have kindly taken them for a beach day today. It’s a lot going on.

I don’t have much else to say at the moment, but please send good, healing energy our way if you’re the type to do so. I’m worried sick, but we are staying optimistic and his spirits are up. There is just about no feeling more helpless than watching someone you love hooked up to machines and fluids at a hospital while you wait for answers.

The meditation did help me calm down and get some sleep last night, though it was short. Grateful for that.

Also grateful that Steve and I make a point to appreciate each other every day, to say we love each other every chance. He’s my best friend, my soul mate, my perfect puzzle piece, my other half. He’s the kindest, most loving person I’ve ever known. Even from a hospital bed his main concerns are if the kids are having fun, if I’m getting food and sleep, if his family is too worried. Can’t wait to get some answers and bust him out of there!

Hug your loved ones tight, folks. This week is pounding that lesson into my brain. The COVID scare, losing Brian, now this- it’s been an awful lot to deal with in a seven day time span.

Good thing we booked that Cabo trip next month- this man deserves an actual vacation at some point! My goodness.