Apr 1- Care

Meditation: Headspace, Breathe 
Length: 3 minutes
Where: In laws’ home, Venice, FL
How It Felt: Can barely remember

Writing this post from the hospital. More tests. No answers yet. Steve still hooked up to antibiotics and fluids. More blood taken. No one getting any sleep.

Our dad and sister took the kids out on the boat for one more fun day before we have to coordinate their flights home. The kids wanted to make a care package for their dad since they can’t visit, so we did some shopping last night and brought it in today- we have the sweetest, most loving children. Those are the little things that fill your heart, even when you’re stressed and completely exhausted.

I did another short meditation before bed last night, and I’m truly glad I’m holding myself to this process. I know it helps release some tension. I can’t concentrate very long without my mind racing, but just a few minutes makes a difference.

I feel like I’m holding my breath all day.

Hoping for answers today. Should know more by tonight. Fingers crossed.

So sweet. Even the cat “signed” the card 🥰