Apr 3- Finally (Almost)

Meditation: Headspace, Breathe 
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Hospital Room, Venice, FL
How It Felt: Calming
Who Joined Me: Steve

Steve’s procedure kept getting pushed back more and more today, and we were both getting extremely frustrated. This is day 4 in the hospital and he’s felt basically fine since day 2, so he’s ready to run out the front door.

We decided to meditate and channel some good energy together. It was short but nice. I sat on his bed with him and we just took deep breaths for a few minutes, then played UNO and took a nap. I have no idea if I was allowed to crawl into his bed and actually sleep on his chest, but, damn it, I couldn’t wait one more minute.

I miss my husband. I want him home.

They finally took him back over an hour ago, but they were delayed again by another emergency case. Hoping so much they’ve started at this point. Praying it goes well and he gets to come home.

Love your people hard. Every day. Always.

*As I was about to hit “Publish” I got the call that they are finally starting! Oh my gosh, thank you!

My BFF, soul mate, twin flame, partner in cheese, love of my fricking life