Apr 6- Reflect

Meditation: Headspace, Reflecting on Your Needs
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Freeing and Empowering
Who Joined Me: Steve

I’ve been struggling today. I’m simply overwhelmed. I feel scattered, disorganized, and short on time.

I found a meditation on the Headspace app called “Reflecting on Your Needs” which sounded perfect. I was having trouble prioritizing which tasks would make me feel better, which would give me more energy and less anxiety, which would help me accomplish even more. Sometimes I just don’t know where to begin.

This session’s description read, “Create a sense of awareness in the mind and body by asking yourself, ‘What do I need most right now?’ Sit with and honor the feelings that arise.”


Steve is also understandably worn out. In 48 short hours he went from the hospital to his parent’s house to the Tampa airport where he flew back to Detroit with three kids to Easter with them and getting them ready for school the next day to work Monday then back to the airport to fly to LA where I drove him home.

That’s crazy for a man who just spent four days in the hospital.

So, we faced each other as we often do and meditated, asking ourselves, “What do I need most right now?”

It was amazing. My mind answered immediately: I need to get organized. Unpack fully, organize my space, get my surroundings in place. I know this will do wonders to release anxiety. My zodiac sign is Cancer- we are all about the home!

Next, I need to update my planner and do some yoga tonight. I need to get all these random items out of my mind and organized on paper, and I need to move and stretch my body. Makes sense!

Steve said he realized he most needs sleep, which seems obvious but was good to note, as well as “courage”, which I love!

I favorited this meditation for use as needed. Sometimes when we get overwhelmed, even just a ten minute pause can straighten everything out, as long as we ask the right questions and give ourselves space to truly listen for the answers.

Having a partner to do that for you is also a blessing. Steve is amazing at asking, “What can I do to help?” and “What do you need to get done today?” when I get this way. He’s just an incredible partner who is always there to share the burden of whatever load I may be carrying as much as he possibly can.

We always say that quote about the right person making the good times twice as good and the hard times half as hard. I think that’s a really solid test of a good partnership, a good marriage in our case.

I helped carry the load while he rested and got well in the hospital, and he is here to help me get my life back to where it needs to be, as I put certain things on hold to be there for him.

Pretty beautiful stuff, this married life. Feeling very lucky to be living it!