Apr 15- Relax

Meditation: Calm, How to Meditate: Better at Everything
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Noho Park, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Inspiring & Warm

Equanimity!! The theme of the year. Of life. My favorite new concept. I’m into it.

Yesterday’s meditation referenced Bill Murray, which means two meditations in a row talked about the philosophies of two of my favorite actors that I grew up idolizing. Okay, one actor and one character. But, you know.

I feel a theme! And the theme is:

Hey, you grew up thinking these people were the coolest ever and wanting to be cool like them. So do it, babe!

Letting things roll off your back. Feeling unflappable. Unruffled. Nonplussed. Yessssss…..

This is my true nature, I know it. When I’m balanced, happy, myself, not much bothers me. But my anxiety kicks in sometimes, or it gets to be a bit much, or I get tired or worn down, and I lose that feeling. I become reactive, and I hate it.

It’s not worth it. Letting other people or situations you can’t control steal your peace is never, ever worth it. Sure, we should get properly angry over things like gross injustice, murder, voter suppression, racism- you know, the stuff we should actually be using our energy to deal with. But to get my panties in a bunch over some stupid thing some idiot said? Silly.

I sound like a real yogi, huh? But, hey, let’s face it- some people suck. Some people are total idiots. It’s true! Some people are basically pure evil, or selfish AF, or have to always be a victim, or fall for conspiracy theories and don’t care who they harm… there’s a long list of people who suck. The idea is to not let them get to us!

This meditation was a practice in awareness, in focus. It was compared to playing scales when you’re practicing an instrument, as we practiced focusing inward, outward, and everything in between.

The theme was based on a Bill Murray quote that basically says: When you’re relaxed, you’re better at everything. Work, art, relationships, life in general- it all just gets easier.

That guy lives a LIFE, man. I’m happy to listen to his life philosophy. I just want to live a cool life, love people, make art, help as many people as I can, entertain and delight and surprise people, make memories, try new things, have adventures, and be a good, chill person until I die.

That’s all. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

If we are responsible for the energy we bring into the room, we may as well make it calm. What can it hurt?

Things are really starting to click with me. Like RuPaul promised, I’m starting to find who I really am in the stillness. She’s emerging. I know her, I love her, and I’m happy to finally meet her without distractions. She has a lot to tell me about the kind of life she’d like to live, and I’m here to listen.