Apr 18- Dream

Meditation: Calm, Deep Sleep
Length: 10 minutes
Where: In my bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Warm & Comforting

I had a proper audition this morning, and I had to get some quality sleep last night, so I chose a sleep meditation. I’ve been letting my schedule slowly slip into later and later sleep patterns recently, as my night owl takes over when I have no reason to force myself awake too early. Now that I’m slowly dipping my toes back into the pool of life, you might say, if you’re totally cheesy, that’s going to have to adjust.

Good news though- I finally found the sleep meditation I actually like and managed to “favorite” that one in the app! Never again will I start drifting off to sleep to find myself annoyed at the session I chose. Not this girl.

Nailing it.

I didn’t fall totally asleep by the end of the ten minute session, but my body was completely relaxed, and I only lasted about 60 seconds after it ended. Perfect.

Now, my body was a bit confused, so did I wake up at 6:30 and stay awake for like an hour and a half, only to be startled awake from a weird, flower-filled dream at 8:30? Yep. But my excitement about my audition got me up and moving fast!

Before the pandemic, I was booking like crazy. I was doing work I loved and felt proud to do. I don’t expect to come straight back with that kind of inertia, but man am I excited to book just anything again! Zoom plays have been a soul saver during this time, but that in person stuff is just a totally different animal.

I can’t wait!!

Go for those dreams, guys. I’m telling you. I have no Plan B, no road map, no idea what I’m doing half the time, and ZERO regrets. Not for one second have I considered giving up. I can’t imagine it.

If you love it more than anything else you could be doing, just do it. When you put that much love into something, there is no way you won’t make it work. It might not look exactly as you imagined. It might not follow a five year plan. It might segue onto a path you never even knew existed. But I promise you, it will lead you where you need to go!

(Let’s end with a disclaimer here, because saying “go for it” should not be taken as shaming those who choose otherwise or cannot just “go for it.” There is a lot of privilege involved in being able to go for your dreams. Yes, I started out with almost nothing, and I would be willing to live with next to nothing to do what I do, but I have certain safety nets just by being White, for instance, or being an American citizen. I purposely set up a life without certain responsibilities (ex: no having kids). But everyone’s journey is different, and some of us have much bigger obstacles. Just be sure you’re not using obstacles as an excuse to deny yourself happiness, that’s all.

IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN, though, try. Take even a baby step. Try something uncomfortable. Ask for help, find a free class or a mentor, do anything you can. Life is short, and you are worth it.)