Apr 23- Intimate

Meditation: Balance, Couples: Intimacy
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Living Room, Michigan
How It Felt: Beautiful & Loving
Who Joined Me: Steve

Getting ready for bed, so this will be a quick one, even though I could write about that beautiful meditation forever.

We had an amazing night, including a long walk around the neighborhood, an incredible dinner from SpagBurger (worth finding if you are near Detroit!), and taking some time to fill the yard with nuts and fruit in order to lure all the adorable animals this way for my (and I guess Tigre’s) enjoyment.

I even woke up to surprise pink roses today! What a man, what a man….

AND we finished The Falcon and Winter Soldier- so, so good. I’m still reeling.

In the middle of this, we meditated together. I remembered seeing a session called “Couples” on the Balance app last night, which is designed to do with two people. We settled in close on the couch and began. First, you choose the focus of the meditation from four options (see photo below.) I asked Steve to choose, and he picked intimacy.

Normally, when we curl up together or touch each other during meditation it feels a bit like “cheating,” deviating from the “sit up tall and focus” norm, but this meditation encouraged touch. We breathed in rhythm, focused on what we love and appreciate about each other, and held hands, as instructed. It was so powerful.

My favorite part was at the very end, when Leah’s voice instructed us to open our eyes and look into the eyes of our partner. We just stared, tearing up, and my heart could have burst with love for him.

Tomorrow, we join my family and “family”- all the extended friends, uncles who aren’t really uncles, the people you love so hard they are family whether they like it or not, etc- to say goodbye to our dear friend and family member Brian, and to celebrate his life. In these moments, we remember that life is a gift that we don’t control. We feel extra grateful for each day, for our people, for every chance to hug or say I love you.

Love a little harder every day. Appreciate the love that comes back. Love is the strongest force in the universe, but the containers we hold it in are much more fragile, and they have expiration dates. Hold ‘em, cuddle ‘em up, tell them how you feel, let go of the grudges over petty things.

Then love them even harder than that.