Apr 28- Quick Cut

Meditation: Calm, Calm Light
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Michigan
How It Felt: Amazing

Steve had his gallbladder removal surgery yesterday! All went well though he has some pain and discomfort, and we are relieved to have it over with.

I took care of him and spent some wonderful time with him yesterday, and didn’t meditate until the very end of the night, but I did want to do a “sitting up” meditation rather than a sleep one. (I only slept maybe three hours the night before, so I knew I would be able to fall asleep!)

I just picked a nice, short session from the Calm app. When I first read the title, I assumed it referred to a “calming light,” but now I think it means Calm “Light,” as in a short, little version of Calm. Honestly, I still have no idea for sure.

It was basically three minutes of unguided breathing, and, as I sat on the bench at the foot of our bed, Steve asleep behind me, I noticed my neck and back felt super tight. So, as I breathed, I started rolling my neck in time with my breath. I went super deep, like I could feel every single tiny muscle and tendon so clearly, I knew I wouldn’t hurt myself. I could find the exact tight points and put just the right amount of tension.

Then, I progressed to my shoulders and back. Breathing in, breathing out, moving and rolling. It became a moving meditation, and it was sooooo soothing!

I slept great last night!

Weirdly, even though the quote I was given at the end had really nothing to do with my meditation experience, it does speak to a lot of things in my life right now, so I saved it to share. I love it- I’m a huge fan of admitting when you’re wrong. How on earth are you going to do and be better if you can’t admit you’re a human being who messes up? What a crazy way to live!

And yet we all know many of these people!

Even in a little three minute pocket of my day, meditation is still so powerful. Can’t wait to do my check-in at the end of this month and celebrate all the great ways it’s helped me already!