May 6- Appreciation

Meditation: Headspace, Appreciation #3
Length: 16 minutes
Where: Fryman Canyon, Lookout bench
How It Felt: So peaceful and happy
Who Joined Me: Steve

Another gorgeous day in LA, another hike. Steve is still recovering from his gallbladder removal, so he can’t do too much in the way of workouts right now. It’s been a little over a week, so we thought he might be up for a nice hike. Something that required some effort without any lifting or contorting.

It was actually a bit chilly by the time we got there in the early evening- I’ve gotten spoiled with sunny days in the 80s- but still pretty perfect. We stopped on the way up at a bench with a gorgeous view, split up my AirPods, and meditated right there.

I wasn’t sure what to choose next, now that I’ve finished the “How to Meditate” series, finally! It’s so overwhelming, especially now with three apps and a world full of free meditations on YouTube and all over. I chose to keep it simple and I went back to a Headspace series I started a long time ago called “Appreciation.”

Steve being adorable ❤

It was a long one, but a beautiful one, in which we asked ourselves repeatedly, in second person, “Who or what do you appreciate most in your life right now?” The “you” is supposed to distance you from the question a bit, give you some space to answer honestly and without anticipating the question. Kind of a cool technique!

I became overwhelmed with joy and gratitude pretty quickly, I have to say. I thought of Steve first, especially how supportive he has been and continues to be as I’ve been learning so much about myself and shifting my life, and by extension our lives, into a different gear. He’s just completely in for whatever I need, because he appreciates all I’ve done to make our lives what they’ve been the past decade, and that is an amazing feeling.

I feel unbelievably loved.

I went on and thought of everyone and everything I’m thankful for right now. I kept it in the present, not really diving back into the past, but that just tells me I have a lot to be grateful for today! What a lucky girl.

It was a longer meditation with long periods of silence, and it was so cool to listen, vaguely and peripherally, to the people walking on the trail behind us. Little snippets of conversation floated by, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, someone went by on a bike randomly blasting “Please Mr. Postman”, we heard dogs and birds all around. Some people noticed us and got a bit quiet as they passed, but most just went about their business. I started feeling like we were invisible, or maybe sort of floating there, suspended in time, while the world kept spinning around us, as we snuggled up and took deep, grateful breaths in the middle of the action.

View from the bench

I’m definitely learning that meditating outdoors is my favorite way, though I know it isn’t always possible. I can’t wait to get back to group yoga classes and sounds baths (and group everything) again, because I know meditating with a group will probably be my second favorite way. Will be interesting to see if that’s true, but any time I’ve done it in the past it’s been so powerful.

I am so happy to have a beautiful meditation cushion and a nice, warm, safe home to meditate in, too. One thing is for sure- wherever I get to do it, it’s always amazing!