May 9- Brunch

Meditation: Headspace, Refresh
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Like a nice break and reset
Who Joined Me: Steve

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the states, and, despite feeling some sadness about my situation with my own mother currently, I had an absolutely lovely weekend celebrating.

My husband brought me flowers and we went to our first brunch in over a year! I’m a brunch fiend. I love it so much. I love the idea of sleeping in and still having access to breakfast food. I love how creative the dishes are. I love that it’s socially acceptable to have a cocktail with you meal. I love how it makes me feel like I’m on vacation even when I’m not. I love that it feels fancier than just breakfast or lunch feels. And I love that it’s late in the day, so I really only have to think about one other meal before bed.

Basically, it’s the best thing ever, and I’ve missed it a whole lot.

Steve’s hospital adventure occurred over Easter, so I sadly had to cancel my first brunch plans this year when our flights got changed around coming back from Florida. I was originally going to join a dear friend at Redbird, a fabulous little restaurant in downtown LA with a drool worthy prix fixe brunch menu for special occasions. My man made it up to me by taking me yesterday!

Feels so good to have a reason to dress up again!

We had a long, leisurely meal of the brightest gazpacho, crunchy cornmeal waffles, lobster cavatelli, lamb belly hash, and amazing Bloody Marys. (See my insta for pics- I’m a huge #foodporn poster- @brina711) Afterward, we put the top down and soaked up the beautiful weather, picked up a yummy smelling cactus flower candle, and came home to immediately change into sweats and get comfy. Perfection.

We read our books a long time on the couch, lacking energy to do much of anything at all, but not minding the laziness. I didn’t want to put off meditating until bedtime again, but I also didn’t want to do a big, long meditation. So, before dinner, we both sat down for a quick refresh session. Just three minutes of deep breathing and body scanning and we had a little energy to throw together the yummy pasta with broccoli we had waiting for that night!

Some days are amazing because you go and do exciting things, and some days are amazing because you don’t have to do much of anything at all, especially when you have someone to do that not much of anything with. Yesterday was the perfect combination of both.

Same with meditating. Some sessions leave me with powerful breakthroughs or releases or big bursts of creative energy, and some just give my brain a much needed break from accomplishing anything. Both are necessary. Both feel great.

Cheers to all the mamas out there- hope you felt celebrated and appreciated yesterday (and all the time!) And cheers to the genius who thought to combine breakfast and lunch and invent brunch! We are forever in your debt!