May 10- Quiet

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Calming Anxiety: The Present
Length: 12 minutes
Where: Home Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Cleansing

Yesterday I had to drop off my hubby at LAX to go back to Michigan until next week, which is always sad, but I now have nine days alone and I plan to get the most out of them!

I started a new course on the Calm app called “7 Days of Calming Anxiety.” I haven’t been particularly anxious lately, except involving the transition back to busy life. I feel like I lost all my inertia, and like I’m a bit feral, I guess. After this last quiet patch, things are really going to start roaring again, and I’m a bit nervous about jumping back in. I feel a little overwhelmed, maybe.

Excited! But overwhelmed, too.

So, I thought a week focused on calming anxiety would be time well spent.

I did about an hour of yoga first, including a heart opening practice, so I was feeling peaceful and ready to meditate. I got settled on my cushion and leaned in. I definitely struggled to focus on the guide just a little- I think because yesterday was a busy day with a million little tasks to do and it was hard to just sit still– but by the end, I was feeling more serene.

Now, I’m lost in an introvert day, so I’ll wrap it up there. It’s all cat cuddles and carbs and MasterChef reruns over here today. A full brain power down after a few very social, emotional, and mentally taxing weeks. Loving it.

Balance, balance, balance.

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