May 24- Waves

Meditation: Headspace, Wind Down: Deep Breathing 
Length: 3 minutes
Where: In bed, Cabo, Mexico
How It Felt: Helpful

Yesterday we went on a sunset boat cruise with dinner and dancing, and boy did I learn a lesson.

It was totally gorgeous and fun, and I haven’t gone dancing in sooooo long- I thought I might explode with happiness! However, I got a bit too enthusiastic, as the staff was happy to keep the drinks flowing. Oops.

Now, I’m really not a big drinker. Of course, in my early 20s I had my share of wild nights and miserable hangovers. I had fun, back in the days when I could still work 8 hours in heels with a smile on my face even as my stomach churned and my head felt foggy and aching. Youth, all that.

I was always very aware and careful, though, because there is alcoholism in my family, and I stuck to hard and fast rules about drinking in general. I saw what it could do to people and I wasn’t interested in anything extreme. I wasn’t the type to drink to a blackout or multiple nights in a row. I never spent money for bills on liquor. I just basically liked to have fun.

Now, in my 30s, I’m much slower. I like to have a glass of wine with dinner, sure, or a few cocktails at a party, perhaps, but I don’t care to get drunk, and I seldom drink at all. I used to maybe have a glass of wine alone after a long day, but now I would always choose an indica gummy instead. Something I could take and still do yoga, not feel sick, drink lots of water and just feel relaxed and happy rather than wild.

Aging, amirite?

I’ve especially not been drinking much during the pandemic- maybe a bit more at the beginning out of sheer boredom- because I’m not going out and doing anything. My tolerance is probably crazy low. And I’m old now, so I stick to top shelf liquor that keeps the hangover away. Moderation. Grown up drinks, mostly. I prefer a scotch on the rocks to a sugary, triple shot confection.

This boat was not offering a nice whiskey. It was cheap alcohol in the form of piña coladas, Sex on the Beach…. you get the idea. And as soon as your cup was empty, they were back! The there was food and dancing and sea lions and more dancing and the hot sun and more dancing- the kind of dancing where your hair is just completely made of sweat when you’re finished.

By the time we got to land, I felt siiiiiiiick, dude. Sugar and cheap liquor and harsh waves is a rough combo. Oof.

We spent the rest of the evening watching a movie in our room and taking it super easy, but that queasiness sucked. If I needed to remember why I don’t drink like that anymore, message received!

Really, what’s a vacation without a few bad decisions, though?

It felt so good to sit in bed at the end of the night and listen to a voice just telling me to breathe in 2, 3, 4, out, 2, 3, 4, etc. I only did a few minutes, but it helped steady me a bit.

Meditation really does make everything better!

Here is a pretty pic from the boat, at least. We made some memories, colored a page of life brightly. Really, that’s the important part, isn’t it?