May 28- Time to Say Goodbye

Meditation: Calm, Daily Calm: Change
Length: 10 minutes
Where: In our room, Cabo, Mexico
How It Felt: Empowering
Who Joined Me: Steve

We are sunburned, sleepy, and maybe the most relaxed we’ve ever been, but already mentally transitioning back to life. We spent the day reading by the pool, relishing our last chances to have food and drinks brought right to us in the ultimate state of laziness, swimming when the heat became unbearable and poking each other’s skin to watch the red turn to white and back.

When we’d had enough sun, we settled into a little cabana on the beach to read in the shade. I brought The Splendid and the Vile by Eric Larson, a “light beach read” in the form of an epic 500 page hardback about Winston’s Churchill and WWII, because I am ridiculous. (It’s so good though!) The full moon has been keeping me wide awake night after night- I finally researched this phenomenon and it has scientifically shown a very real effect on people like me who are Bipolar, oof!- and I was happy to sneak in a couple of drowsy cat naps.

Real life has definitely started creeping in. We tried meditating on the beach a couple of times, but each time we started some incredibly loud group of people would suddenly appear, ready to carry on a raucous conversation a few feet away. We laughed and gave up, finally saying goodbye to the unbelievable view and coming upstairs to our room.

So. Pretty. (And look at that sexy leg!)

It was nice, though, to go back to a guided meditation with a theme and a lesson. I chose the Daily Calm to keep it simple, and Tamara Levitt talked about change, which seemed appropriate. Good and bad change both can be uncomfortable and intimidating, but there is really nothing to do but ride along with it most times, especially if you want to grow. After a series of inspiring events last night all pointing to some exciting career moves in my near future, this was a great reminder!

Am I nervous? YUP. Am I excited? Beyond! Am I ready to be uncomfortable and take chances and push myself further than I ever have before?

Without a freaking doubt.

It’s hard to leave this gorgeous place behind, but I’m so grateful to have a bunch of exciting adventures waiting for me back home, a supportive relationship full of so much love, and nothing but possibilities and dreams in my future!

Thanks, Mexico! You’ve been amazing to us, and we won’t ever forget you.