May 27- El Mar

Meditation: No Guidance 
Length: 10 minutes
Where: By the sea, Cabo, Mexico
How It Felt: Powerful
Who Joined Me: Steve

Our wonderful, romantic week in Mexico is coming to an end soon. I’m so sad to leave this beautiful place, but equally excited to get back to the adventure of life in LA.

Yesterday was a day of getting things taken care of- a solid workout in the gym (our first time in a proper gym in well over a year!), our COVID test for re-entry to the States (negative, whew!), some organizing of what’s left to eat in our kitchen- those kinds of things.

We also cuddled like the cuddle pros we are late into the morning, read a ton, and soaked up some sun and relaxation time in the magically empty Serenity Pool, where we were so alone we had some fun and pretended we were at home in a huge Italian villa, enjoying our private paradise.

We dressed for dinner at Flor de Noche, the incredible restaurant at the resort where you can eat the most amazing food with the most unbelievable view of the water. I ordered De la Baja Black Rice… and ohhhh my god. I don’t eat meat and I don’t generally overindulge in seafood, but when I travel I am a bit more flexible so I can eat fresh and local.

This meal was well worth it!


After dinner, we went for a walk on the beach, where we found a nice spot on the sand to sit and meditate together. Once again, the waves provided all the sound and guidance we needed, so we just set a timer and focused on breathing for ten minutes.


Tomorrow, we fly home. Today, we soak up our final minutes. Thankfully, we get to fly back to LA together for another full week, as sometimes the kids’ schedule gets stacked too far one direction. I know it’s so hard for Steve to be away from the kids for too many days in a row (or, really, for even one day at a time) but with every hard thing in life, we try to take the blessings and find the positive.

A long time with my sweet husband is most definitely a positive!