May 29- Liftoff

Meditation: Calm, Saying Yes to Life 
Length: 15 minutes
Where: On the plane, crossing back over the Mexican border
How It Felt: Inspiring

Vacation officially over. We were sad to leave Mexico, of course, but we had the most amazing time and made incredible memories. I’m feeling rested, inspired, and ready to slay back in LA!

I decided to meditate on the flight home, a sort of mental transition back to regular life. I got comfy in my seat (thank you, upgrade gods!) and chose a meditation called “Saying Yes to Life.” Felt appropriate for getting into the right mindset to go back to work and back to busy!

There was a lot of mindfulness guidance, getting super present, saying yes to every sound and sensation. Not fighting or chafing against distractions or discomfort, but exploring them or just letting them roll over you. Staying centered and focused on the breath.

Basically just how I want to live life always, everywhere.

It was a great thing to do after being stuck in a small airport with a million people at the end of a pandemic. It’s so disheartening to watch grown adults whine about having to wear masks, fight back against the poor employees who have to enforce the mask rules, and generally be loud, obnoxious Karens. I needed a little reminder to recenter and focus on the good in life and in people.

I want to keep practicing vibrating so high that all the negativity barely registers. I want to save all my energy for good, for giving and helping and supporting and creating. I want to have such a strong center than I’m unshakeable.

And, really, I just don’t want to let idiots ruin my day. Ever.

I knoooooow- stay above it! Stay kind! Stay patient! Stay loving!

(But people suck so hard sometimes… they really do.)

End of story- we are back in LA, back to Tigre, enjoying the soft landing of a long weekend before everything gets crazy again. Grateful for an awesome trip, and grateful to be back home safe! Life is good!

Can’t say I won’t miss it! That view! (That sexy knee!)