May 30- Fire

Meditation: Headspace, Everyday Headspace
Length: 12 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Grounding
Who Joined Me: Steve

I’m so bummed! I did the “Everyday Headspace” meditation for the first time and loved it, but didn’t realize that the actual name of the session wouldn’t be saved in my “journey.” So, all the information I have is that it was the daily meditation Headspace releases, but not the title. Something to remember to note in the future if I’m going to do the blog post the next day!

I think it was something about “Breaking Out”… or “In”…. or stopping a cycle….

At any rate, the lesson was about breaking out of the spin cycle of our thoughts- not getting sucked in or taking them personally, but creating space between us and them. I’m learning, honestly, that most meditating is just learning to build in space, and pauses, and room to think before reacting. It’s like I’m just training to slow everything down, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style, in every part of life, so I can maneuver more smoothly. Evenly.

Steve really loved this one, and noted that the Headspace meditations tend to have a little less talking, and let you sit in the quiet a bit more than the sessions from the Calm app, which I find to be true overall. It’s fun to mix it up, though. Some days I really like having a voice to keep me present, and some days I love the mental space to just breathe and let my mind drift away.

We are both a combination of insanely relaxed from our Mexico trip and tired from the travel, so yesterday we did next to nothing, just lazing and reading and watching a movie, that kind of stuff. We stayed in bed for hours yesterday and today, but now we are getting more motivated and moving a bit.

Getting organized for a pretty busy week! Back to work, lots of “life admin” stuff to take care of, and the beginning of Steve’s birthday month! He’s going to be 50, so we are planning a huge party, but because of COVID it’s not until August. That means we have to find some little celebrations in the meantime! 50 is a big one!!

I can’t believe my next blog will already be another “check in.” This year is flying by! At least meditation is helping me slow it down a tiny bit!