Jun 2- Brain Power

Yesterday I had the tension headache of a lifetime. I don’t remember the last time I woke up with a tension headache then just had it all day long. They much more often come at night, after a long day of carrying bags or holding my shoulders up to my ears from stress.

Ya girl gets anxious some days!

But yesterday I maybe slept wrong or something because I woke up in total misery. I tried some caffeine, Steve massaged me, I did Icy Hot then tried magnesium oil, I laid on my pressure point ball and went deep, then stripped down and pressed my bare back onto our acupressure mat- nothing worked. Finally some prescription strength ibuprofen and a CBD gummy gave me enough relief to at least function!

In spite of that, it was actually a great day! I finally received a big chunk of money I’d been waiting on, we had fun watching our AMC stock jump around (to the moon, fellow apes!), and I managed to be pretty productive, actually.

I honestly just spent almost the whole day being intentionally and forcefully grateful, and I was happy to do a meditation that reinforced that mindset, even if it was hard to just sit without thinking about the pain.

There was one particular situation I’d been dealing with that just wasn’t working, whatever I did. I realized I had been very negative about it for over a month, thinking constantly about how frustrating it was or how impossible it would be to get working. So, while I was otherwise miserable on the acupressure mat, I told myself to spend the time there visualizing something more positive, sending gratitude to the people involved instead of frustration vibes.

And guess what? The whole thing was fixed within 20 minutes of when I started.

I’m not kidding!!

This Law of Attraction and gratitude and power of the mind stuff is so legit, but it still blows me away every single time. I’m so glad we are doing this gratitude course this week! I’m finding myself easily overwhelmed by the pace of life as we come out of the pandemic, but these things remind me that I have control over me, over my mindset, and over so much more than I realize sometimes.

It’s all going to be ok! Better than ok- it’s going to be amazing.

Actually, let’s get real. It already is.