Jun 5- Celebrate

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Gratitude: Enhancing Self-Acceptance
Length: 12 minutes
Where: South Beach Park, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Glorious
Who Joined Me: Steve

We had an awesome weekend of early birthday celebrating- drinks with friends, massages, renting bikes yesterday to ride along the beach- and then I had to drop Steve at LAX today. Sigh. We always say we wish we had one more day. I love our lives, but the day my husband and I can live in one main home together will be an awesome day.

We decided to meditate on our bike ride if we found a good spot, since it’s always so peaceful by the ocean. We rode for a few hours, up to the northern tip of The Strand, then down past Venice Beach and back up to Santa Monica. Before we finished, Steve spotted a lobster roll food truck, which happened to be the exact beach lunch we were hoping to find! We put our rolls in our bike baskets and rode over to a little patch of grass north of Venice Beach, a tiny oasis with some of the best people watching in the world, plenty of palm trees, and a stunning view of the water. Close enough to hear the waves, but far enough from the madness of tourist areas to be fairly serene.

My little pink bike with a basket- I loved her!

We ate our delicious lunch, then split up the AirPods and meditated on the grass. Blue skies, the sound of waves, the warm sun and cool breeze- it was lovely. This session was about appreciating YOU, the physical and the personal characteristics that make you amazing and deserve your gratitude. It was about finding love for yourself, who you are, and the light you bring to the world, the good you do for others. It was really touching. I was so happy Steve was doing it with me, because I love the idea of him finding more self-love.

I want him to love himself as much as I love him!

All in all, a beautiful day. I’m so happy the world is moving again and we can be out living life and doing things! We made quarantine fun, don’t get me wrong. We found adventures and games and ways to be active. But, even though I may get a little overwhelmed by how quickly things are going back to normal, I’m really happy to be able to feel the ocean air on my face as I bike near the Pacific, or to simply fly without fear of passing around a virus that could kill someone.

On the subject of gratitude: I am beyond grateful for science, vaccines, and the privilege I know we have in the free and immediate access we’ve been given to those shots.

I’ve seen Contagion! It could have been a lot worse!

Our view from our meditation spot.