Jun 7- Possibilities

Meditation: Calm, Deep Sleep
Length: 5 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Sleep-inducing!

I’m really in an introvert hole. It’s post-COVID “Omg all the stuff I used to do is exhausting” burnout, plus the week leading up to my “lovely lady days,” plus simple social exhaustion, all wrapped into a tidy package labeled:

I Am Incapable of Accepting Phone Calls But I’ll Get Back to You in a Few Days Perhaps You Could Send a Text or Email Ok?

This means I’ve been quiet, very quiet, and reading a lot, resting a lot, silently doing dishes and finishing my books and stretching and really only making noise to talk to my husband or cat. Full shut down mode. My own, free silent retreat.

I’ll be ready to connect with the world again tomorrow (and just in time- big audition!), but, apparently, I needed no less than 60 hours of quiet alone time to recharge after Mexico, birthday month activities, and generally easing back into busy life. Crazy.

It’s been very nice, and I know I won’t always be given the luxury of slow time whenever I need it, starting very, very soon, so I’m relishing it greatly. Deeply. Greedily.

Still grateful for those nighttime meditations that make the transition into sleeping alone a less anxious experience. Missing Steve a lot right now! The old, solid deep breath/body scan is reliable at the very least to slow down the heart rate, and at the very most to slide me into a deep, awesome, dream-filled sleep.

I’ve always loved vivid dreams! Awake or asleep, doesn’t matter. I live for the dreams.

I love that feeling like anything could happen any minute. The pandemic was the first time in my life I didn’t feel that way every day… I’m really, really glad to have that feeling back.