Jun 11- Heather & Diana

Meditation: Calm, Deep Sleep
Length: 10 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: It worked!

Currently at the car wash, waiting for my sweet baby Diana (named after both Princess and Wonder Woman, obviously) to get a nice bath. She has had a week. I got stuck on a long HOA call in a parking lot and the birds just went to town.

She already puts up with a local cat that creeps into our garage and sleeps on her nice, soft top, leaving cat hair all over. I can’t bring myself to try to get the kitty to stop- it’s too sweet. And where would he go?

But now she’s suffered the indignity of poo. She barely got to go anywhere for a year, and now she probably misses just chilling in the garage, not getting poo all over herself.

Trying to cheer her up a little. Even got the “new car smell” fragrance to remind her of her youth. How free she was then. How wild. How often she could fling off her top and go full speed down the freeway.

Ahhhh, memories.

So, another night, another sleep meditation. Steve comes back Tuesday and I can’t wait to get those snuggles in! I’m starting to miss my daytime meditating though, so I’m going to make an effort to get back to it. I can always meditate twice if I still need a night session!

One benefit to falling asleep meditating is that they often instruct me to lie on my back and I usually fall asleep at some point during the session. I am not a back sleeper at all, even though when I was young I saw an interview with Heather Locklear and she said her beauty secret is sleeping on her back to prevent wrinkles. I now suspect her other beauty secret is Botox, but as a kid I swore I would always sleep on my back so I could be as beautiful as she is.

This plan did not work out. In more ways than one.

I prefer pretty much any other position- the old “flat on the stomach with your face and neck bent at a weird 90 degree angle,” the “frog with legs splayed out like she kinda got squished on her side,” the “side sleeping with your shoulder curled under you in a sure to be painful way when you wake up,” and many more, including my favorite: “on my man’s chest with my head snuggled under his chin while he holds me so tight.”

That last one is a big hit.

Sleeping on my back tends to leave me feeling better in the morning… but it’s not cozy. I love cozy! Meditating kinda tricks me into it, though, and before I have time to wish I felt cozier, I’m asleep!

Pretty brilliant.

I still wake up every which way, but it’s a minor improvement!

Diana is almost finished! She looks so shiny and poo free! I can’t wait to get her on the open road next month for a nice Vegas road trip!

She deserves it. We all deserve a life like that: living our purpose, hanging out in Vegas, taking off our tops when the weather is right, and existing poo-free.