Jun 16- Sing

Meditation: Headspace, Managing Anxiety #5
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Calming

This is going to be quick because I am totally exhausted.

Before bed last night I (thankfully) noticed an email from my agent earlier that day telling me casting requested a self-tape from me for a huge role in a really amazing pilot. I am out of practice being on top of my email thanks to the long and unwanted break from work I got during the pandemic. Almost missing that message sure snapped me out of that daze quickly!

These are the acting moments that can be the most exciting and also, usually, the most inconvenient. Things move fast in TV, so usually you can expect a one to two day turnaround for a lot of material, which means your plans are about to get moved around or put on hold. Sure enough, this morning I received an email requesting three scenes, two songs, and the dreaded full body slate all to be submitted by 9am tomorrow.

I woke up and immediately started memorizing, rapidly song selecting (the request was for country music which isn’t in my normal rotation), and warming up my voice like crazy. I worked on the audition all morning and afternoon, then Steve got off work and we spent about an hour and a half recording and submitting the thing. (Steve is such an awesome reader and camera operator, seriously. He’s just basically the best.)

Then we quickly rushed to make dinner because we were dying to see “In the Heights” tonight! I saw it years ago in New York with the original cast, when it was still Off-Broadway, and it absolutely blew my mind. I had never seen anything like it. I actually met Lin-Manuel Miranda, because my boyfriend at the time was writing his own musical to star in, too, and wanted to meet him and talk about it a little. To us, he was just that: some other guy who wrote a musical and got his show up successfully.

We had no idea he’s soon be rapping with Obama. So cool.

An incredible film always exhausts me in its own way, so by the time we got home, got ready for bed, and I realized I still needed to blog and meditate today, I was totally ready to sleep instead. But, here I am. Dedication.

This was actually longer than I planned to write.

The meditation was lovely. More practicing the same things- noting and noticing when we change physical positions throughout the day. I can’t remember to do that at all! I’m going to really try tonight… but I’m sure I’ll forget by tomorrow!

Off to meditate and sleep. Man, what a cool day.