Jun 18- Simple Things

Meditation: Headspace, Managing Anxiety #6
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: So helpful

Dropped Steve off at LAX last night. Came home to so much quiet, it was unnerving! I was honestly so happy to meditate.

I’m loving these anxiety busting sessions. Sooooo helpful for moments like these when I start to get a little nervous for whatever reason, but also overall I can feel my anxiety is lower than usual. I’m so grateful!

Still practicing the basics in these sessions- focusing on the breath, noting our thoughts or feelings, and supposed to be still noting in regular life when we change positions, like sitting to standing, but I haven’t remembered to do that once in three days. It’s not that I haven’t been present, it’s just there has been so much I wanted to be fully present for, so I wasn’t paying attention to sitting down or standing up.

We had an incredible week- auditions, two amazing films, lots of cuddle time, cooking dinner together, taking walks, reading our books…. One thing that’s magical about a long-distance relationship: you really don’t take the little, regular moments for granted. Cooking dinner together isn’t a chore, but precious time together. Reading a book side by side feels wonderful. Taking a simple walk becomes to special.

I like to think that after sixteen years of practicing appreciating all the little things, we will still appreciate them like crazy, if only out of habit, by the time we can live full time in the same place!

Ok, my nose strip is all dry, have to go peel this sucker off, then get into bed with my book and cuddle the crap out of my cat. He’s so lovey today, I can’t take it!

Good, good week. Great week. So happy to be back to real life again!

Oh, last thing! Since I’ve been on Headspace more frequently, I’ve been exploring their front page a bit more. They have different daily videos, “wake ups”, etc. Lately, I’ve been doing their “60 Seconds of Mindful Breathing” exercise before the actual meditation that day, at it feels sooooo good! If you have Headspace, check it out! Great for quick moments when you need to just refocus or calm down, or to get your head into a good… well, headspace to meditate. (Ha.)

It has a cute little animation so you can do it eyes open or closed!