Jun 21- Predict

Meditation: Headspace, Managing Anxiety #9
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Really kind and lovely

These “Managing Anxiety” sessions are all following the same basic script, and I’m finding it very soothing at the moment.

First, a little intro and reminder of why we are doing this. Most importantly, a reminder that when we center and calm ourselves, everything is better for the people around us. The people we love and interact with most. I love this.

Then, we start in the Headspace way- breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth, eyes open. I always find it hard to close my eyes when it’s time, even if I’ve been tired or sluggish all day, as if this exercise gives me a surge of energy.

Next, we breathe. We focus on the breath, and we note when we are distracted. Thinking or feeling? Let it go. No judgement. No shame. Just practicing coming back. Just creating space between ourselves and our thoughts, our emotions.

After this, there is a period to let our minds wander in whatever way they want. This is the part where my mind always relaxes the most and becomes very still. It’s as if that permission to let my thoughts roam where they may takes the pressure off, and it’s suddenly incredibly easy to get very still.

Lastly, there is a little wrap up. A reminder to be gentle, and patient, and keep at it.

It’s predictable and comforting and exactly what I need right now. There is so much change in the air, so much of life moving fast again. My to do list is growing. My responsibilities are coming back. There is a lot of uncertainty.

Predictable is nice.

With a life like mine, not much is predictable. Not my schedule, my plans, my job, not who I’ll meet tomorrow or even what country I might be in next week. I’m finding a lot of comfort in my daily routines, small though they may be.

Auditions are coming in. I start rehearsals soon for my next show. Trips and parties to plan. People to schedule time with.

Stuff. Stuff to do.

It’s nice to come back to a quiet, predictable, soothing moment. To sit on a cushion and let it all fall away for eleven and a half minutes. To know exactly what’s coming, and not have to think or try too hard.

I know once I get going the adventure and romance of it all will give me life- it already is. The thought of all the exciting possibilities life can bring makes me overwhelmingly happy.

But, sometimes… you just a need a few moments… to breathe.