Jun 22- Catnap

Meditation: Balance, End the Day
Length: 5 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: My eyes couldn't stay open

Yesterday I pushed through more than I planned to do, so I celebrated by ordering sushi and starting a new book. Well, an old book. One of my top three favorite books of all time: Pride and Prejudice.

The night sort of slipped by, and suddenly it was late! I didn’t want to go to bed at all. If you’ve read a lot of this blog, I’m sure you’re picking up on a theme here. I’m a night owl to the max, and the world was not made for the hours I keep. Really, I think I was born to be a Broadway diva- up all night, sleep all day, create magic when the evening starts to power me up.

At any rate, I still hadn’t meditated, and I thought I needed help getting sleepy. Turns out, I didn’t really. I was sleepy. I just didn’t want to admit it.

I nearly fell asleep watching that animated sun slip under the animated horizon for just a few minutes…

I think LA is a perfect city in every way except for the hours it keeps. I understand that in film and tv we have to get the shots in. We need the daylight…. but must so many things happen so very early? What about those of us who are total vampires who come alive in the night?

I must really love my job. I’m mentally preparing for ALL the alarms….

While I attempt to adjust back to “regular hours” I at least know I have meditation to help me with that. A little comfort.

I used to dream of being a cat. As I watch Tigre sleep next to me now, I remember why.

They can nap whenever they want. All day. Every day.

Now that’s a gig I’d be great at!

Nowhere to be, not a care in the world…