Jun 30- Halfway

Meditation: Headspace, Switching Off
Length: 5 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Ok, not as relaxing as usual...

Change of plans based on change in how I’m feeling. I’m a bit jazzed lately, meaning I’m buzzing with tons of energy, little appetite, and no desire to sleep. Yesterday I got sucked into a few different things, mostly talking with people, and then got absorbed into finishing my book, The Underground Railroad. Hiiiiighly recommend, if you’re interested! Amazing.

I can’t really settle when I’m like this so meditating becomes difficult but probably more necessary. I would said I’m hypomanic, but gently. Still, it’s harder than ever to switch focus or stay still when I feel this way. I ended up staying awake super late and needing a sleep meditation, but it didn’t do too much. I had to take a melatonin, too.

I was supposed to do my monthly check-in today but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. I really can’t imagine getting through it all right now in any thoughtful way! But I checked with the boss, and she said it’s cool.

(It’s me. I’m the boss!)

I am buzzing so let me wrap this up. Lots I want to do with all this energy! I’ve been manic more than down lately, which is honestly kind of nice. Depression hasn’t hit me too often in the past few months. Not that hypomania is a total blast, but it’s kind of fun as long as you balance it out and get some sleep. The struggle to concentrate is one of the hardest parts. Still, I’m grateful it isn’t too much of a swing, and that I can manage all this stuff naturally without getting overwhelmed.

I’m also grateful we can just openly discuss mental health stuff in 2021. A lot has changed in a very short period of time, and I think that’s awesome.

Ok, if I keep writing I’ll bounce around to like ten other topics. I need to do today’s meditation still! And I plan to double up one day soon so I still finish this Relationship with Self series the day before my birthday.

It’ll all work out. It always does, doesn’t it? Eventually?

Also- I’m halfway through!! I’ve meditated and blogged about it every single day for a half of a year!! It’s all downhill from here, baby!

Seriously, pick this one up! Great literature!